Who We Are

The Coalition For a Traditional School Year is a nonprofit, grass roots 

coalition of parents, teachers, administrators and businesses concerned 

about the negative impact the early August school start date and the 

year-round school calendar have on our children, families and teachers. 

The Coalition For a Traditional School Year is dedicated to providing 

grass roots assistance across the nation to families and teachers 

who are fighting bloated school calendars and year-round school 

in their area. 

Our Beliefs

We believe the non-traditional school year interferes with learning that 


takes place outside the classroom walls. Bloated school calendars, 


extended-year calendars and year-round school calendars limit the time 


teachers have to update skills and earn advanced degrees, reduce 


student working experiences and interfere with many families' ability to 


spend quality time together. Most importantly, these calendar experiments 


provide no additional class time for our students and offer no proven 


results. It is our firm belief that increased student academic performance 


is due to the dedication and knowledge base of teachers and importance 


the family places on education, not the configuration of a school calendar. 


Families and teachers -- not calendars -- teach children.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to serve as a help center for parents and teachers 


fighting bloated school calendars, early school start dates and year-round 


school. We feel that arming parents, teachers and other opinion leaders with 


the facts and case studies is the best way to fight the battle against school 


calendar experiments. We also serve as a clearinghouse for information 


and research related to school calendar issues and we strive to promote 


public awareness and understanding of all the issues related to 


alternative school calendars. 



The Coalition For A Traditional School Year at 210-559-5277
or email us at