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Different Variations Of Work Placement Harassment Action That Exist

One of the ways in which an employee can be harassed at their workplace is through physical threats. This type of harassment exists where an employee is threatened in a manner that it suggests that the person would want to do physical harm to them. When this occurs the employee can seek legal action against the perpetrator of the physical threats.

Under the many types of workplace harassment, one of them is intimidation. In this type of workplace harassment, it is usually seen between employees that are senior and those that are junior in the working environment. A junior employee may stand out due to their exceptional work and this may cause a senior employee whose work is threatened to intermediate such an employee so that they try to hinder their progress. In the event that a junior employee or any other employee in an organisation is intimidated by anyone he or she can seek legal action against the person for this wrongful act.

Another type of workplace harassment that exists in the workplace is physical assault. This is not strange because we have encountered cases of people that have been beaten by their employers while doing their work. One, therefore, has to understand that this is unacceptable and in the event, they are physically assaulted by their employer or any senior person in the workplace environment they can always seek legal action against the individual for doing so.

Another type of workplace harassment that exists is name-calling. This is where an individual is given a name that suggests something negative about their character or their physical well-being so that it makes them uncomfortable when they are called by that name. A victim of name-calling in any organisation should understand that this is not acceptable by law and therefore in the event, a person nicknames them they should seek legal action against the individual so that they stop calling them by those names.

Another type of workplace harassment is mockery. Mockery is the type of workplace harassment where an individual’s efforts are not appreciated and people make fun of it. In the event that one falls victim of mockery he or she can seek for legal action against the people that mock him or her so that they stop doing so.

One of the many types of workplace harassment that exist is interference with performance at work. There are some individuals who may be jealous of the performance of another individual at work and so may interfere with their performance so that they lower your ratings and make you not to succeed at work. One should therefore not allow interference with performance at work because this is not legally accepted and can, therefore, seek legal action to stop the people that are perpetrating these acts.

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